Heavy Duty Stairlifts Kent

Heavy Duty Stairlifts Kent

Heavy Duty Stairlifts Kent by Stairlifts Today

UK obesity rates are on the rise, caused by several elements such as inactive lifestyles, health problems and diseases. To meet this new demand, stairlift suppliers are now stocking heavy duty models that can carry more weight.

The maximum weight of a stairlift is usually between 18 and 22 stone. This means they are not safe to use by heavier persons who weigh more than the maximum capacity limit. The stairs may be a physical struggle for an overweight individual with mobility difficulties, putting added strain on their muscles, joints, and heart.

Obese people may feel forced to leave their comfortable homes and move into bungalows because of the difficulty in climbing stairs every day. Or, they might have to live only on the ground floor because movement is so restricted by their size and lack of mobility.

If you’re worried about using a regular stairlift because it’s too heavy, or if you have impairments that make it difficult to use one, a bariatric stairlift might be the answer. Heavy-duty versions are designed especially for people with physical limitations and require more strength to operate. They can help heavier persons stay in their beloved homes by allowing them to climb up and down stairs.

Bariatric stairlifts have a greater weight capacity than regular models, meaning they are bigger and wider. They can’t be placed on all types of staircases because of this; surfaces that are narrow or have tight bends won’t accommodate these larger lifts.

If you’re unsure whether a stairlift can accommodate an obese person, it’s always worth inquiring with Stairlifts Today. We will send someone to your home to survey the layout of your stairs and give you professional advice on the best way forward.

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